Australia's Fuel Security: Running on Empty

Did you know Australia has less than three weeks of reliable fuel supply? In regional areas, it’s much less.

In the event of an economic crisis, or disruption to the supply chain, Australia could find itself in crisis.

Without fuel, our transport system would collapse.

Our food supply, reliant on fuel to transport it, would dry up.

Essential medicine would be in short supply.

Our electricity supply would be left without backup.

Even clean water, which needs fuel for sanitation, could be at risk.

Since 2000 the oil majors have taken 12 Australian flagged and crewed tankers off our coast. That means that Australia is reliant on foreign-owned ships for 90% of our supply – in the event of a conflict in the South China Sea or an economic crisis, these ships can simply be redirected by the countries that own them.

It leaves us extremely vulnerable - Australia could be completely out of oil and liquid fuel in a matter of days.

Australia’s fuel security: It’s running on empty.

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