Goodbye Neoliberalism

A failure to reduce inequality is a failure to govern. The Liberal-National government however, and those whose interests it represents, do not view the growth of inequality as a policy failure. Intoxicated by the fallacy that the freer the market the freer the people, they see inequality as a fruit of the freedom that neoliberalism gives to the few to exploit and exclude the many. They see inequality as a measure of ingenuity, innovation, enterprise, and unfettered individualism. They see it as a measure of our nation’s freedom.

Inequality is not the measure of our nation’s freedom.

Inequality is the measure of our nation’s shame.

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How do we fix inequality?

1. Support trade unions

2. Require employers sponsoring migrants to have a union agreement.

3. End sham contracting

4. Introduce a Social Guarantee

5. Subject all Government Policy to an inequality impact test

6. Adopt the Uluru Statement: From the Heart

7. End the crisis in gender-based violence