Creative Safety Initiatives (CSI) Becomes First in Australia to Develop Nationally Accredited Course in Crystalline Silica Exposure Prevention

Published: 22 Jan 2020

Construction Employment Training and Welfare Limited as Trustee for Creative Safety Initiatives Trust RTO ID 88216 have become the first training provider in Australia to develop and obtain national accreditation for a training course in Crystalline Silica exposure prevention.

Crystalline silica is a basic component of soil, sand and granite, and is also found in stone, grout, bitumen, rock, gravel, glass, cement, clay and engineered stone, all of which are commonly used resources in the construction industry. Millions of Australian workers are exposed to crystalline silica every day, with many fatally contracting silicosis, a lung disease caused by the inhalation of dust particles containing crystalline silica.

There is currently no cure or suitable treatment to assist workers who have developed silicosis, and no accredited courses or units of competency currently exist to address the risks associated with exposure to crystalline silica dust in Australia.

Although a number of ad-hoc training programs have previously been developed nationally, this course is the first in Australia to go through the rigorous process required to achieve national accreditation through the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

As there is no cure or suitable treatment available to workers who have contracted silicosis, CSI has sought to urgently address and mitigate further workers becoming exposed to crystalline silica through this nationally accredited course.

Quotes attributable to the Chair of the Board of Construction Employment Training and Welfare Limited as Trustee for Creative Safety Initiatives Trust RTO, Jason O’Mara:

“Silicosis is deadly, and it continues to kill workers every day in Australia. Without a cure or suitable treatment, it is vital to ensure that workers know the risks associated with crystalline silica dust and are equipped with the skills necessary to prevent becoming exposed in the workplace. This course will provide exactly that.”

“This course provides workers with the resources and skills that will help save lives and prevent further deaths from silicosis in the construction and related industries.”

“CSI takes great pride in becoming the first RTO to develop a nationally accredited silica prevention course. The safety of workers is our number one priority, and being able to develop a course that has the potential to save countless lives is central to our mission.”

“Silicosis is a National crisis that will only continue to claim more lives if something is not done to address it. Without a cure, the best course of action is the prevention of further exposure through awareness and training. We are calling on the ACT Government to take the lead on this issue, and to make this course mandatory for all construction workers in the same way that asbestos awareness training is mandated in the ACT.”